The purpose of this course is to give participants the required skills and knowledge to analyse training needs and design training solutions and products to meet workplace capability requirements and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. Persons who complete this qualification may have a role in providing guidance and advice to trainers and assessors, promoting innovative practices and incorporating best practice into training programs and products.

Course Name: TAE50211 - Diploma of Training Design and Development
Course Code: TAE50211
Course Duration: 12 Months
Training Plans: Diploma of Training Design and Development - $5500.00 ($550.00 payable on enrolment)
12-11-2018 - 09:00 AM to 12-11-2019 - 05:00 PM in Sydney, NSW

The Diploma of Training Design and Development is delivered by Newbery Consulting using a blended learning model combining e-learning with monthly face to face workshops in the Sydney CBD and direct engagement over the phone and webinar. Assessment will involve project work and technical discussion based on project outputs.


Participants will complete assessment activities throughout the course. These assessment activities are primarily project based activities as the participant navigates their way through the analyse, design and development process. Project outputs the participant is required to produce include such products as reports on training needs, units of competency, learning and assessment strategies, assessment resources, learning resources, to name just a few. All of these products will relate specifically to the participants own development project and will provide valuable input to their own workplace. There is also a requirement for the participant to demonstrate their knowledge through professional discussion with the assessor. Participants must satisfactorily complete all assessment activities in order to provide sufficient and valid evidence to be assessed as competent.

Entry Requirements:

There are no entry requirements identified for this qualification in the training package.

Newbery Consulting do however apply the following entry requirements for student to access the Diploma of Training Design and Development. Students must:

Hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or demonstrate equivalent competence.

Have a minimum of five years’ experience in delivering training and assessment within a Registered Training Organisation.

Can nominate an appropriate development project that will be used to provide the context for their learning and assessment. Criteria do apply to this development project which is outlinned in the student pre-enrolment information.

Qualification Requirements:

To sucsessfully complete this qualification, you require ten units of competence. These ten units are comprised of five core units which are compulsory and five elective units that can be selected from a broad range of units available within the Training and Education Training Package (TAE10). The units of competence shown below have been selected by Newbery Consulting based on consultation with our clients and to support the achievement of the course purpose.

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
TAEASS502B Design and develop assessment tools Core
TAEDES501A Design and develop learning strategies Core
TAEDES502A Design and develop learning resources Core
TAEDES505A Evaluate a training program Core
TAETAS501B Undertake organisational training needs analysis Core
BSBPMG522A Undertake project work Elective
TAEASS503A Lead assessment validation processes Elective
TAEASS504A Develop and implement recognition strategies Elective
TAEDES503A Design and develop e-learning resources Elective
TAEDES504A Research and develop units of competency Elective

The total course fee is $5,500.00. The initial payment to confirm enrolment is $550.00. The participant is then required to make nine monthly payments of $550.00. These payments will be made through a debit arrangement via PaySmart. The total course fee includes all supplied text and learning resources. There are no other payments or charges.

Participants will require a supportive workplace to undertake consultation and research as a part of their development project. Participants will also require access to a modern computer equipped with a webcam and fast broadband access to the internet. Participants will need to access a number of web based programs which are free to join or download such as Survey Monkey and TeamViewer. Participants will also require a Facebook account as this is used as an important collaboration tool during the course. Maximum number of participants per course is 15.


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