Neither Newbery Learning or Newbery Consulting is a Registered Training Organisation. The courses displayed on this site are not actually being offered and students cannot actually enrol in them.

This site is maintained and used for two purposes:

Primary purpose

Newbery Consulting develop and supply websites to its client who are a (or are working toward being a) Registered Training Organisation. We are frequently asked to view a demonstration site to allow clients to get a feel for the quality and function of the sites we supply. Newbery Learning has been designed specifically for that purpose. It is our hope that this site showcases the quality of the product that Newbery Consulting will supply.

Secondary purpose

Newbery Consulting maintain and supply an RTO management system called RTO Data. This software is licenced to the user and is stored on the users own computer system or server. Newbery Consulting maintain and update this software under the terms of an annual subscription. Updates are distributed to users via email. RTO Data is an exceptional software that provides Registered Training Organisations with the capability to maintain their student enrolment data in accordance with national compliance requirements. It also manages the RTOs operational data to support the organisation’s governance, management and compliance.

With the release of version 3.5 of RTO Data, the system can now transfer data between a client’s website and RTO Data located on the client’s computer. This is achieved via a new product that Newbery Consulting has released called RTO Enrol. RTO Enrol is an RTO online management system that is installed into the back-end of the client’s existing  website or is supplied with a website that Newbery Consulting designs. RTO Enrol is linked with the client’s RTO Data and allows course information to be exported and automatically published on the client’s website. It also enables enrolment applications which are registered online to be imported to and processed in RTO Data. This is just an amazing capability and significantly reduces the burden of managing RTO website content and processing enrolment data.

All of the course information you see on this site has been published by our own testing copy of RTO Data. This includes the course pages, menu items, course calendar, etc. If you complete an online enrolment, this data will export directly to our system as a new online enrolment. Tricky!

So,,, with that explained, Newbery Learning is our test site that we use to ensure these systems and their ability to communicate are working perfectly!

It is important to us that we are not mistaken to be an RTO. At the same time we want the site to look and feel as realistic as possible in order to achieve its primary purpose. If you would like more information please contact me.

Kind regards,

Joe Newbery
Director and Principal Consultant
Newbery Consulting

Tel: 0407 297 160




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Did you know that you can register for a training program offered by Newbery Learning via our online enrolment system.